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Set your visitors free!

A good business day for your park means a steady flow of guests passing through the turnstiles. Crowds of people looking for adventures. But once they have entered the park, much of the motion and expectation turns into idle waiting.

With long waiting times, chances are that customer satisfaction will drop as the hours pass. Add to this how much money your guests could have spent on snacks and beverages, not to mention the chocolate wheel, if they had not been stuck in the lines. Maybe business isn’t as good as you thought it was?

Enter loveyourQ. A virtual queuing system that allows you to increase guest satisfaction as well as guest spending. As a bonus it also allows for better use of your venue’s ground area.

True virtual queuing for all

Virtual queuing is nothing new, you might say. That’s true, there have been some attempts at this in the past. But what differentiates loveyourQ from other solutions is that it works for all visitors, not only those who use a smartphone. Without additional investment costs on your behalf.

Other solutions may also require that you keep the existing waiting lines, and give the users of the virtual queuing system a fast track. Not only can this create bad feelings among your guests, it doesn’t make it possible for all visitors to take full advantage of what you have to offer. And you are stuck with the physical lines that occupy a large part of ground space at your park.

Here’s how it works

When you buy access to rides and attractions at the entrance, you receive a physical queue ID. If you have a smartphone, you launch an app and scan the ID. After that, you can get in line for any of the attractions, at any time. You can also scan more than one ID in your phone, a feature that for instance comes in handy for families with small children.

If you don’t have a smartphone, or if it for instance runs out of battery, there are screens set up at various places in the park where you can get in line for attractions by scanning your physical queue ID.

After getting in line, using the app or physical queue ID, you are free to enjoy all aspects of the park. You can have a snack, visit the restrooms or even take another ride. On screens around the park, visitors using the physical queue ID can keep track of the waiting time.

A few minutes before it’s time for the ride, you get a notification in the app and check in at the ride. To avoid having rides running empty, there’s a buffer queue at the ride, but after a short wait it’s time to board the ride!

A reliable solution

We fully understand that it is crucial that everything at your park works as smoothly as possible. A standstill in the queuing system would be very damaging for business.

During the development process, we drew from all our knowledge and experience in developing, integrating and managing business-critical IT systems that handle large transaction volumes.

Time to set your visitors free?

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